With a lifetime of experience as a singer and stage artist, Joni Lambert has performed across the United States including venues off-Broadway, in New York City’s prestigious Rainbow Room, and Hollywood, Lambert has also performed internationally in Canada and Mexico. 

Lambert brings the look and sound of the great artists she portrays in her tribute shows  with the excitement and unmistakable vocals of the great divas. Whether belting songs like Celine Dion’s “I Drove All Night”, or moving audiences to tears with beautiful ballads such as Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were”, Lambert is often accused of lip-synching, although she never would. Lambert also brings the feel of Streisand, Celine, and Shania in concert by incorporating actual dialog from the original artist’s own performances into her show, giving audiences an authentic experience. 

When not in character, Lambert’s own show features songs famous artists such as Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, and Adele. Her musical roots shine, as she performs great hits from the Broadway stage. 

All our shows are available as a track performance or with a full band featuring professional musicians. Our musical director is a legend in the industry in his own right.

Joni Lambert’s album, “I Choose Love” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and wherever fine music is sold. Lambert is the author of the book, “How I Became Barbra Streisand”, which debuted as #1 in Amazon.com’s “Broadway and Musicals” category.


“Fabulous performance! The artist’s appearance, mannerisms, speech, and voice made us feel that Barbra Streisand herself was in the room.”

“People loved you and at first many assumed you were lip synching, but realized in fact it was your own voice.”

“I was totally impressed with the amazing vocal ability of this performer combined with the spot on mannerisms and look “